Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Paisley is 12 months!

You are one year old PAISLEY!  How is this possible??
  • At your one year appointment you weighed 19 pounds 2 ounces (16th percentile) and were 29 inches long (42 percentile).  I think your petite-ness from your momma is finally catching up with you.
  • You have gotten much more hair this past month and even have a few curls forming at the base of your neck.  We'll see if you end up straight like Momma or Curly like Daddy or Gramps.
  • You took your first steps about a week before your first birthday and it didn't stop there.  You have kept us busy chasing you ever since then!  You still crawl some but I think it's only because you are more confident (and a lot faster!).
  • STILL no teeth!  
  • We are beginning to wean you from breast-milk and transition you to whole milk slowly.  So far, you are not very keen on the whole milk!  You are still a really good eater.  Some new favorites this month included cheese toast and vegetable soup....oh, and birthday cake!!  You also still love your old favorites- bananas, sweet potatoes and puffs!  
  • Your favorite toys this month were your new pink car and your piano.  You're also learning to 'love' on your baby dolls which melts Momma's heart to see.
  • You've noticed your puppy dogs now and you LOVE them.  Anytime you are upset, we ask if you want to go see your 'woof woof's' and you light up immediately.  You are even trying to imitate their bark now and it's so cute.
  • You are beginning to wave 'bye-bye' more.  It melts my heart every morning when I leave you for work.
  • You continuing to love music more and more and have started to 'dance' a bit which is SOOO cute.
It really does seem like only yesterday Dr. Beck was placing you on my chest for the first time.  It makes Momma sad that you are growing so fast  but I know there are so many special moments we will experience as you hit new milestones.  This has truly been one of the best years of our lives and we are so grateful God chose us to be your parents. 

Love you SOOOOOOO much-

Momma and Da-da

Liebster Blog Award

The Liebster Blog Award

Who doesn’t love an award? I received The Liebster Blog Award nomination from my friend and sister-in-law, Carly of Big House Little Table (http://www.bighouselittletable.blogspot.com/). What’s a Liebster Award you ask? Liebster is a German word meaning dearest, and the award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve some recognition and support to keep on blogging. Thanks for the nomination Carly!

Here are the rules should you choose to accept:
1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award.
4. Choose 5 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
5. Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

So here it goes...

Eleven Facts About Me…
1) I have always lived in Arkansas my entire life and I love that fact!  I love calling the natural state home!
2) I married a Louisiana boy so I will admit, I do cheer for LSU (when they aren't playing the hogs!) and I'm slightly addicted to Johnny's Pizza!
3) I'm a full-time working mom and though I love my job and helping people with insurance, I would quite in the bat of an eye if I ever won the lottery!
4) I do not have one athletic bone in my body.
5) Believe it or not, I have 16 years of dance training under my belt.  I started dance when I was 2 and competed in dance a few years.  I took tap, ballet, jazz, clogging, hip-hop, lyrical, and clogging but was probably best at ballet.
6) I once dreamed of owning my own preschool and would still love to make that dream come true some day.
7) I am ADDICTED to sweets!  I never can turn icecream, cookies, or brownies down!
8) I am not going to lie- I'm a blog stalker and LOVE reading some of your blogs out there.  I really hope to become a better blogger myself because I love the blogger world!
9) I am legally blind!  Don't ever ask me to do ANYTHING if I don't have glasses on or contacts in!
10) I am a Kelly's Kids Sales Rep and LOVE represnting their company!  Check us out (www.kellyskids.com/brookehayes)
 11) There are few foods I dispise but I will NOT eat Tuna fish (gag!)
11 Questions Carly gave me…
1) If you could have any career in the world, with no limits, what would you be doing?
It's so hard to choose just one!... I would have to say at the top would be to be a Disney Princess at Disney World.  Who wouldn't want to be?!  Making children light up would be the best job ever!  I mean, maybeeee I could pull off Snow White or Belle?!  Another dream would be being a personal shopper!  I LOVE hunting down things and love shopping in general, so this would be my dream job! (Shallow, I know!)  I also love kids and would love any career having to do something with kids.
2) What would you say is your go-to recipe when you don’t have much time to think about dinner?
Crock-pot chicken tacos!  Chicken breasts, one jar of your favorite salsa, and a little bit of seasoning. Set it on low for 5 hours= life changing yumminess!
3) What is your favorite season? Hands down- FALL! I love that it's not too cold, I love fall clothes, and apple cider and hot chocolate are two of my favorites!
4) If your house was on fire and you only had time to grab 3 things, what would you grab?
I always hate this question!  They would not be things- it would have to be my hubbie, my Paisley, and my fur babies (that's a lot to carry!).
5) What is your favorite trend about today’s style/fashion and what is your least favorite trend?
My favorite trend right now is colored skinnies (jeans, pants, whatever- I LOVE!).  My least favorite would probably be neon things- I just can't rock those colors!
6) What is your favorite TV Show?
I can't pick just one!!...Right now I am obsessed with... The Voice, Modern Family, and Duck Dynasty.
7) Do you have a favorite makeup product or favorite hair care product?   I CAN'T live without my MAC lipglass.  I have several shades and I always need a little color on my lips. 
8) What is most important to you in life? My relationship with Jesus Christ.  Jesus is my rock and my strong hold.  If I didn't have my faith, I truely do not know where I would be.  He gives me my joy in life and I don't think I could face some days without knowing He was in my corner.
9) What is your favorite piece of jewelry and where did you get it?
Besides my wedding ring, I would have to say my knock-off J. Crew bauble necklace (Cliche these days but I love it!).  I have it in aqua, red, and pink because I love them so much!  I'll even let you in on a little secret- I got mine from ebay (cheap!).
10) If you could start a non-profit company, funding any cause you wish, what would yours be?
Adoption.  If you know me very well at all, I have a HUGE heart for orphans and adoption.  The non-profit I work the most with is Bethany Christian Services. I also love the work Shaohannah's Hope does and I have supported them before as well.
11) If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would you choose to live?
Somewhere tropical.  I don't think I'm brave enough to live outside the U.S. for very long so maybe Hawaii :)  I love it there!

My 11 Questions For My Blog Nominees
1) If you could trade places with a celebrety for a week, who would you trade with?
2) What's your most impressive recipe?
3) What's your favorite thing about fall?
4) If you could build your dream house, what would be one thing it would have to have?
5) What's your favorite song, new or old?
6) What is your favorite TV Show?
7) What's your best makeup or skincare secret or tip?
8) If you could be good at one thing you're not already good at, what would it be?
9) What's your favorite place to shop?
10) Do you shop on etsy?  If so, what is your favorite shop?
11) What's your favorite place you have ever vacationed?
The Five Blogs I Nominate
1) My pledge sister and friend Rachel at Dinner Bells (http://www.dinner-bells.com/ )
2) Animal loving Carabeth at The Buie's Zoo (http://www.thebuieszoo.com/)
3) Amazing photographer and Mom of Cooper at Another Day in R Life (http://www.anotherdayinrlife.com/)
4) Sweet mom of cutie-patootie Ryder, Kati at Kati's Getaway(http://katisgetaway.blogspot.com/)
5) Beautiful lady and fellow OBU-grad Amy Lynn at All Things Girl (http://www.amylynnwentz.com/)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

11 months old

I am still in shock that as of today, we have an 11 month old!

With every month that passes, we don't think we could love you anymore (or find you anymore cuter) and yet we do!  Here is what you have been up to this past month:
  • We have not weighed you in awhile but I'm thinking you are around 20 pounds.  You are wearing 9-12 month clothing, a size 2 shoe (tiny feet!) and a size 3 diaper.
  • You have continued your mobility this month crawling EVERYWHERE!  You also continue to pull up on EVERYTHING and even have been standing up on your own on occasion.  I really think you will be walking before your first birthday.
  • STILL no teeth but this past weekend you showed many symptoms of teething so we anticipate one popping through soon.
  • You nurse/take a bottle typically 4 times a day now.  You are really getting tired of pureed babyfood and prefer finger foods that allow you to feed yourself.  Some new favorites this month included cheese quesadillas, toast, and kiwi!  You also still love your old favorites- bananas, sweet potatoes and puffs!  You also had your first 'Kids Meal' yesterday from Chick-fil-A which consisted of applesauce and one grilled chicken nugget torn in tiny pieces- you loved it!
  • Your favorite toy this month was your jumperoo and your walker.  You have gotten the hang of both and loved to jump and walk!

  • This month you really began jabbering more!  You frequently make "ah, da, ba, and ma" sounds and occasionally let out a 'hey'!
  • You just started clapping more and it is too cute!  You've started clapping at the dinner table and insist on momma and daddy clapping for you after every bite.
  • You attended your first Razorback tailgating yesterday and although ULM beat the Hogs, you were the cutest little cheerleader I ever did see!
I love seeing these changes every month as you grow.  Although it is sad how fast you are growing, we find new things we love about each stage in your life.  We are so thankful for such a beautiful and healthy baby girl that we get to call ours.

Love you booger-

Mom and Dad

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paisley is 10 Months Old!

2 months away from 1 year?!  It just can't be!  

  • This month was such a fun and busy one.  Mainly because you became A LOT more mobile!  You are crawling fast, standing up, and cruising on to ANYTHING you can hang on to. You also discovered the stairs in our house this month and LOVE going up them. 

  • You are currently wearing size 9-12 month clothing and size 3 diapers.  We still don't have any teeth though!

  •  You have become so affectionate this past month and it is Mommy's favorite thing ever!  You will crawl into our laps to cuddle, wrap your arms around us for hugs, and my personal favorite...GIVE KISSES!
  • You are still nursing or taking a bottle of breastmilk about 4 times a day.  You have continued to try new solid foods.  Some new favorite foods this month included cut up blueberries, peaches, and BREAD.  On vacation you ate the inside of 2 whole rolls (you are your mother's child...!)
  • You have started clapping and waving this month.  You love to clap for yourself and say 'Yaaay'!  You are also starting to waive to people more. 
  • You are still very much into your toys but you have started to find more interest in the things that are NOT your toys- cabinets, laundry baskets, etc.

  • You went on your longest car ride this far for our family vacation to Seagrove, Florida.  You did so well on the 11 hour car ride and decided you love beach life.

Mommy and Daddy love you, Princess!  Thank you for making these past 10 months the best ever!

Monday, July 16, 2012

9 months old!

Oh sweet girl- where has the time gone?  3/4 of your first year is over! You are just getting SO big!

  •  You are wearing some size 6-9 months still and also some 9-12 months now.  You are finally filling out your size 3 diapers.
  • At your 9 month check-up, you were
    • 17lbs. 12 ounces (30th percentile)
    • 28 1/2 inches long (81st percentile)
    • 17 head circumference (26 percentile)
  • This past month was the month you really began to 'take off'.  You're crawling well, pulling up, and walking while holding on to something.  You are in to EVERYTHING and keeping us VERY busy...which is why this is the month the outlet plugs went in! Your Daddy also joked about needing to buy you a helmet... you had your first goose egg/bruise this month too :(

  • You are now eating solids 2-3 times a day and nursing exclusively.  Some of your favorite foods this month were mangoes, blueberry yogurt, and you still love your sweet potatoes. You also can't get enough of your puffs!
  • No teeth yet but you continue to put EVERYTHING in your mouth and drool lots.
  • You continue to be Miss Personality...you love meeting new people and to make people smile.  It makes me so happy to see this in your personality- I know God has big plans for your sweet, outgoing spirit!
  • You have a new interest in your dolls- Molly and Fancy Nancy are two of your favorites.  You also LOVE your piano and your telephone.
We love you SO much 'Booger', 'Pumpkin', and Mommy's 'Little Sunshine'.

Your first 4th of July

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy 8 months!

Seriously, where has my little baby gone??

So much has gone on this past month and just when your Daddy and me think we can't love you even more, our hearts grow even more!

  • You are wearing size 6-9 month clothes and just graduated into size 3 diapers.
  • You are REALLY taking in everything now.  You can spot something from across the room and if you want it, you will not loose focus on that.
  • You get SO happy when someone you recognizes comes into sight now- when I pick you up after work, when your Daddy comes home, or when your Gramps comes home from work and you're still at Lolly's.
Photo: My two beautiful girls
  • Abby is out of school and home with you at Lolly's during the day and you LOVE spending time with your aunt.  She can make you laugh more than anyone else and you are mesmorized with anything and everything she does.
  • You are really loving solids now.  Some of your favorites this month were bananas, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal.
  • You are still breastfeeding exclusively. You take 4-5 ounces every 3- 3.5 hours.
  • We had a few rough nights of sleep this past month but we think you will be breaking teeth soon.  On a good night, you sleep from 8pm-6:30am.
  • You are not crawling yet but getting around very well by your 'bootie scooting'.  Mom installed electrical outlet covers this week thanks to that :)
We love you, 8 month old...our little sunshine!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The thing that CHANGED my life (next to Paisley!...ha!)

Ok, ok...I know I have been the WORST blogger lately but life as a full time working mom is HECTIC! However, life has been made easier thanks to something I like to call...MEAL SWAP!! Several of my close friends who are in our community group have gotten together about once a month and done a meal swap. Each person makes one dish and makes a TON (8- 4 person servings to be exact). Then we all swap our meals and have dinner for 8 nights made and in the freezer!! (16 meals really for Jonathan and I since we can eat off of them for 2 nights). I am so thankful for these meals and the fact they allow me for more time with my hubs and this cutie patootie at night...So here is my last swap...

I got these disposable trays from Sam's in bulk. It is always a few hours of work but so worth it in the end!

This was my dish this past time- one of Jonathan's favorites... Mexican Noodle Casserole.

1 lb. ground beef

1/2 cup of chopped onions

1 can Rotel, drained

16oz. package of wide egg noodles

1 can of condensed tomato soup

1 can corn, drained

1 can sliced mushrooms, drained

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 1b. Velveeta cheese

Salt and pepper

Brown beef in a small amount of oil with onions. Drain and set aside. In separate bowl, mix tomato soup, cream of mushroom soup, and cubed Velveeta. Microwave until cheese is melted and mix together. Add cooked and drained noodles. Add together remaining ingredients and ground beef and stir until mixed thoroughly. Spread in casserole dish and bake at 375 degrees for 40 minutes (thawed) or 1 hour (if frozen). Enjoy!

We label and date our creations and then meet at someones house on a Sunday to exchange. Genius, huh? Hope everyone has a great weekend- I can't wait to show off pics of my cutie in her Easter dress!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paisley is 3 months old!

This week you turned 3 months old! (Where does the time go?!)

I'm guessing you are about 12.5 pounds now. You are really filling out and I cannot begin to tell you how much we love your chubby cheeks and squishy thighs- Mommy loves kissing on those sweet cheeks! You are just now starting to wear some 3-6 month clothes and you are still in a size 1 diaper. You are really starting to hold you head up well and you LOVE to look around at new things.

You are developing such the personality. Your Lolly swears you already know how to pout to get what you want and I think Mommy and Daddy will agree there. You are definitely a morning person and are so fun and cute when you wake up with that big smile- it always starts my morning off right and makes it that much harder to leave you when I go to work.

You usually stay with your Lolly 3 days a week, your Mimi and Papaw one day, and your Mamaw the other day. I am so blessed you are getting such special time with your grandma and great grandparents- they love you lots!

These past month included lots of fun things including...

- Your first Christmas

- Daddy's first birthday with you

- Your 'boyfriend', Elliott's birth

Paisley, as always, we love you beyond words- our cup (still) runneth over!

P's Boyfriend is here!

Sweet Elliott has arrived!

January 5th, 2012

8 pounds, 11 ounces

(Isn't he just precious?! Tall, dark and handsome!)

We were so excited that he finally got here! His mama and I are very good friends and we've joked that Paisley and Elliott have been buddies since in the womb (and maybe we've even joked that we may just force them into an arranged marriage).
And what a special day this was- the lovebirds first meeting!

Don't they look so excited?

I'm so glad to get to share the joy of motherhood with my good friend Katherine! I anticipate many playdates, vacations, and comparing 'mom notes' in our future. Whether or not Paisley and Elliott fight like brother and sister...or end up getting married someday...we will love him all the same. Congrats Kat and Gary!