Sunday, July 24, 2011

28.5 WEEKS

(Jonathan managed to get the camera cord in both pics...nice!)

28.5 WEEKS!! (I can't seem to get them on the first of the week) And if you're keeping track, no, this doesn't add up because my doctor moved my due date up almost a week based on her measurements and chart...I am now due October 12th!

Size of the baby: Length of a head of califlower & almost 3 pounds!

Total weight gain: About 15 pounds (ah!)

Maternity clothes: Yes! And after being pregnant, I want to become a maternity fashion designer! It's so hard to find cute maternity clothes. I've tried on 15 different dresses trying to find a cute one for upcoming showers!

Gender: GIRL! Paisley Annette Hayes

Movement: We went to Saturday night church last night and she went crazy kicking during every worship song which was so neat to me. I hope it not only means she'll love music but that she has the passion for our Christ like her Daddy and I have been praying for her.

Sleep: I sleep...a little. I've learned I can't sleep through the night though and I can't sleep in anymore but I guess that is just preparing me for motherhood.

What I miss: Being able to lay on my stomach!

Cravings: This week it has been sweets...jellybeans, chocolate, name it!

Symptoms: Lots of back pain this week and the heartburn and indigestion..ugh!

Best moment this week: My doctor's visit this past Wednesday (just not the glucose test...ha!) I loved hearing her heartbeat and hearing that she is still doing great.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

26.5 weeks!

26.5 WEEKS!!

Size of the baby: Length of a cucumber (and just over 2 pounds!)

Total weight gain: About 13 pounds

Maternity clothes: Yes! And even though it is hard to find them, they are so comfortable! How will I ever go back to non-stretch waistbands..ha!

Gender: GIRL! Paisley Annette Hayes

Movement: VERY squirmy still!

Sleep: I have been sleeping a lot better- the heartburn has gotten a little better and I've learned to not drink a lot of water past 8pm.

What I miss: Having a greater wardrobe selection!

Cravings: Muffins and salads...random, I know!

Symptoms: Lots of back pain this week and the heartburn and indigestion

Best moment this week: REGISTERING! It was so fun to go register and pick out cute things for our little girl. In fact, Jonathan had a little TOO much fun with the gun.

The proud papa at Babies-R-Us

BUSTED! This is one of many instances where I caught he putting some 'Daddy picks' on the registering. Thank goodness for online editing! I got home to find we had a fast pitch softball, a baseball bat, a Nerf gun, and a children's book called "My Little Blue Truck." I think he is out to make our princess a tomboy!

And lastly, I had to share this ADORABLE dress that came in today that I ordered from Zulily. I LOVED smocked dresses and could not resist this precious one! (Don't worry- I'll be ironing it before next summer!) I also ordered some great, cheap hair bows finally that I can't wait to come in!

Do you Zulily? It's a dangerous site with adorable new stuff everyday! If you aren't already a member, you MUST join- cute stuff for great prices and there are new brands every day.

Here is your invite...

Friday, July 8, 2011

25.5 Weeks!

25.5 WEEKS!!

Size of the baby: Length of an eggplant (about 2 pounds!)

Total weight gain: I definitely know I am over 10 pounds but I haven't gotten on a scale in awhile. Birthday week and lots of good food=no bueno!

Maternity clothes: Yes! Mainly all. I still wear some of my own tops and dresses but maternity pants are a must! And contrary to this week's picture, I do not just wear maxi dresses all the time but they are very comfy right now!

Gender: GIRL! Still so excited! I can't wait for hair bows! Can you believe I haven't bought one yet though?!

Movement: We are still VERY active which I love! I think she knew it was mommy's birthday week and has been partying it up!

Sleep: Each week= more pillows...ha! This week I have also been combating some nasty indigestion and heartburn which has but a little damper on the sleep!

What I miss: My body...ha! Not that it was great but I miss clothes fitting right. It is all worth it though!!

Cravings: I haven't had any major cravings this week. In fact, I still can't decide where Jonathan and I are going to go for my birthday date tomorrow night!

Symptoms: Lots of back pain this week and the heartburn and indigestion

Best moment this week: Oh I can't pick just one!...Seeing pink walls be painted in the nursery and celebrating my birthday. Jonathan got me a 'Paisley' charm for my necklace and a small video camera and my parents got us a new photo camera so we are officially ready to document every second of her life!

Paisley- Momma loves you already and CANNOT believe we will be meeting you in less than 15 weeks! My next year's birthday will be even more special because we will have you!