Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hospital Packing List

I have several friends having babies soon or have had babies recently and I have shared my personal 'hospital packing list'.  I thought I would share for any mommies to be out there-

Hospital Packing List
For the Mommy

-          Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, face wipes, etc.)

-          Slippers & socks (Hospital floor- yuck!)

-          Nursing wear (nursing cami, nursing bra, nightgown, etc.)

-          For labor… hard candy, chapstick, ponytail holders (I loved sucking on hard candy when my mouth was dry along with the ice)

-          Comfy, loose clothes (sweatpants!)

-          Dermoblast (from Walgreens) and Tucks Pads (for after labor- need I say more...)

-          Boppy pillow or other nursing pillow

-          PILLOW (the hospital ones are awful!!)

-          Cell phone charger
-       Bath Robe- so nice to throw on over your hospital gown
-       Snacks for after delivery- I was STARVING and nursing made me so hungry!
-       Exercise Ball- I loved using this during labor to sit on and rock through contractions

For Baby

-          Several outfits (probably ‘Newborn’ size- gowns are great and easy!

-          Socks and hats and in our case- BOWS! (I didn't have any hats and I didn't know how important these were during those first few days to keep warm.

-          Blanket or two

-          Mittens  (I never used these but wish I had- they sometimes scratch themselves)
-           Car Seat
The hospital will have pretty much everything else you need.

For Daddy to Be-

-          Toiletries

-          Change of clothes

-          Camera

-          Pillow from home

-          Snacks

-          Cell phone charger

Friday, June 14, 2013

Single's Day- Monica

I am SO excited about today!...I am a HUGE fan of Kelly's Korner blog!  I have had this post on here before but I wanted to give it another go!

This time around I could not pass up the opportunity to showcase one of my best friends, Monica who I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a good guy to fix her up with. And I don't even know where to start describing Monica or what an amazing person she is.
She is the all around package guys! Monica is a beautiful 27 year old woman who lives in Central Arkansas. She is a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University where she recieved her business degree. She now works for a revenue consulting company. She is a little business woman and looks super cute in her business wear everyday! This girl already is very sucessful and I can only imagine where life is going to take her.  Her works requires her to travel A LOT- and right now she spends a lot of her time in beautiful Fort Lauderdale (jealous!).
Her hobbies include going to concerts, trying out great restaurants, spending time with friends, going to movies, reading, and she enjoys the occasional trashy reality tv (what girl doesn't?!). She is a big family person and loves her Momma (which I think says A LOT about a person). She is also a volunteer and Board Member with Bethany Christian Services. Her passion adoption, for volunteering and giving back are unbelievable. (Also, fun side note-I must mention she is known for her amazing poof-ed hair ;)  No matter what the occasion, Monica is always so put together!

She is also very involved in her church and above all else, her passion for Christ shines in who she is and all she does.

I can speak most about her as a friend. I mentioned that Monica is one of my very best friends and a reason she is one of my best friends is because of the kind of person she is- she is SO loyal, so thoughtful, and just a joy to be around. I know she would do anything for me and is always honest with me which I think speaks a lot about a person. She is also just as beautiful inside as she is out! She is one of my favorite people.. and Paisley's too!  Aunt Monica does A LOT of spoiling!  I can only imagine the kind of mom she will someday be!

I picture her with a guys that is fun, outgoing, very driven but above all, has a huge heart and loves the Lord!  And let's be honest, she is beautiful so I think she'll snag a cutie too ;)!  I have high standards for this girl so if you think you are or know of a guy worthy of dating this amazing woman, let me know and LET'S MAKE A MATCH!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fellow Moms...Try it! Citrus Lane

I know, I know...I've been a terrible blogger but I am really going to try and get better.  Today I wanted to share a new fun company I tried.  I saw a facebook link one day to try Citrus Lane.  Now let me preface by saying I am not one of those people who usually clicks on facebook links but I notced several of my favorite baby brands so I thought I would see what it was about. 

After googling and checking out their website, I found out Citrus Lane is an online company that through a monthly subscription sends you a box of 'goodies' personalized to your babies age and sex.  The cost is roughly $25 a month but from all the reviews I read, Mom's gushed about getting well over their $25 back in goodies every month.  We recieved our first box last week and I was pleasantly surprised...

(I cannot get this photo to flip)
We recieved a book, some fabulous bath products, a new instrument, and even a lip balm goodie for mommy!  One thing I love about Citrus Lane is they use a lot of organic and eco-friendly products and find a lot of the new 'up and coming' brands to promote.
Anyways, advice to mommy friends...check it out...
Use my link to get a $10 credit!