Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hospital Packing List

I have several friends having babies soon or have had babies recently and I have shared my personal 'hospital packing list'.  I thought I would share for any mommies to be out there-

Hospital Packing List
For the Mommy

-          Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, face wipes, etc.)

-          Slippers & socks (Hospital floor- yuck!)

-          Nursing wear (nursing cami, nursing bra, nightgown, etc.)

-          For labor… hard candy, chapstick, ponytail holders (I loved sucking on hard candy when my mouth was dry along with the ice)

-          Comfy, loose clothes (sweatpants!)

-          Dermoblast (from Walgreens) and Tucks Pads (for after labor- need I say more...)

-          Boppy pillow or other nursing pillow

-          PILLOW (the hospital ones are awful!!)

-          Cell phone charger
-       Bath Robe- so nice to throw on over your hospital gown
-       Snacks for after delivery- I was STARVING and nursing made me so hungry!
-       Exercise Ball- I loved using this during labor to sit on and rock through contractions

For Baby

-          Several outfits (probably ‘Newborn’ size- gowns are great and easy!

-          Socks and hats and in our case- BOWS! (I didn't have any hats and I didn't know how important these were during those first few days to keep warm.

-          Blanket or two

-          Mittens  (I never used these but wish I had- they sometimes scratch themselves)
-           Car Seat
The hospital will have pretty much everything else you need.

For Daddy to Be-

-          Toiletries

-          Change of clothes

-          Camera

-          Pillow from home

-          Snacks

-          Cell phone charger

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