Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I mentioned in my last post that I had done a few 'Old Wives Tale' Gender Predictions. Here are some of the results I thought I would share for fun....

Urine test: By observing the color of your urine- if it is neon yellow or a dull yellow. Mine was neon in color which indicates BOY!

Morning sickness: They say that little girls make their mama's sick and I had NO morning sickness which indicates BOY!

Soft or dry skin? Mine has been extremely dry which indicates BOY!

Are you craving citrus? YES! I have been buying orange juice like CRAZY which indicates GIRL!

Have you felt glowing or less than beautiful and had lots of breakouts? I have been breaking out like a teenager and feeling less than my best. They say the baby is 'stealing your beauty' which indicates GIRL!

Heartbeat indicator: Both our heartbeats were pretty fast which is said to be an indicator of a GIRL!

Craving fruit or meat? I would have to go with fruit which is an indicator of GIRL!

Pendullum test (which my boss swares by): Indicated a GIRL and for my next child a BOY!

Dreams- I've heard opposite things on this. Some have said that whatever a mother thinks, it is because mother always knows. Others have said that you have opposite of what you have been dreaming about. I'm not sure but I have felt and dreamed nothing but BOY!

I just thought I would share some of these silly tests. Do any of you have tests you've heard of? What do you think it is going to be? 23 days until we find out!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

13 Weeks! (sorry I missed 12...)

Okay...so my life has been CRAZY and I am not as great as this blogging thing as I thought I would be. Once I survive April, things will be SO much less hectic. April is full of birthdays, meetings, showers, and...I am co-chairing a HUGE fundraiser on April 30th (more to come soon) which is consuming much to all of my free time.

The above picture is not the greatest as it is taken from the Iphone but I do have a new camera at the top of my birthday wish list for when Baby Hayes gets here! I also feel like it is misleading- the flowy top makes me look like I have WAY more of a bump than I do!

Pregnancy Highlights-

How far along: About 13.5 weeks now! (Baby is the size of a lemon now)

Weight Gain: 1.5 pounds! I thought I was doing bad but that reassured me this week!

Gender: Come on May 13th! I'm still feeling boy but Jonathan swears it's a girl. I did some fun Old Wives Tales Predictions this week that I will share soon! Don't forget to vote on the poll on the right...looks like more people are agreeing with Jonathan!

Movement: I was laying in bed one night and I think I felt my first 'flutter'! It was SO amazing!

Sleep: I am trying to train myself to sleep on my side because I am a stomach sleeper and it has really kept me tossing and turning lately! I don't know what I am going to do!!

What I miss: My work pants fitting comfortably :)

Cravings: This week it has been eggs and orange juice...and still jelly beans!

Symptoms: This week it has been the random food cravings, back pain, and back to going to the bathroom constantly!

Worst Moment of the Week: I got sick with Strep Throat which landed me on antibiotics and a day and a half off work spent in bed. I just get so nervous taking medications and running a fever while pregnant.

Best Moment of the Week: Feeling my first flutter...pretty cool!