Wednesday, August 27, 2014

33.5 weeks!

Ok, ok, ok...I have once again been doing a TERRIBLE job blogging again!  I can't believe we are now in the home stretch!!!  Life has just been CRAZY, BUSY!  We have lots of home projects going as well as crazy work schedules and adjusting to Paisley being a full time preschooler.  I keep joking that Schaefer may have a room set-up by the time she gets far it is very slow going!
Schaefer, We are all 3 so excited for your arrival. We talk about you (and to you) daily.  We just can't imagine what life we two precious girls is going to be like but we can't wait to find out!!  God is so good!

33.5 WEEKS!!
Due Date- October 12th (same as Paisley's!)
Size of the baby: About the size of an honeydew (4.5 pounds)

Maternity clothes: Yes!!  Options are becoming limited!!

Gender: It's a GIRL! I still can't believe I will have two girls soon! Schaefer Olivia Hayes

Movement: The movement is picking up but she still doesn't seem to be near as crazy as big sis was. 

Sleep: It could be worse but the pillows have overtaken our bed, hot flashes are often and the bathroom trips are frequent!!!

What I miss: A non-aching back and I'm not going to lie... a good glass of wine after a long day at work...
Cravings: Too many!  REAL coke, guacamole, Sonic milkshakes, orange juice and anything chocolate have been the most craved lately.
Symptoms: Back pain, a few Braxton hicks, and lots of pressure.  I could be wishful thinking, but my bet is this girl is going to come early...!
Best moment this week: A double sprinkle thrown by great friends for Baby Schaefer and Baby Ezra- SO FUN!  I must post pics soon!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Singles Day- MONICA!

I am SO excited about today!...I am a HUGE fan of Kelly's Korner blog!  I have had this post on here before but I wanted to give it another go...I'm praying this is the time I make a match!

This time around I could not pass up the opportunity to showcase one of my best friends, Monica who I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a good guy to fix her up with. And I don't even know where to start describing Monica or what an amazing person she is...seriously, I can't put her into words!!
She is the all around package guys! Monica is a beautiful 28 year old woman who lives in Central Arkansas. She is a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University where she recieved her business degree. She now works for a revenue consulting company. She is a little business woman and looks super cute in her business wear everyday! This girl already is very sucessful and I can only imagine where life is going to take her.  Her works requires her to travel A LOT and is gone throughout the week all over the country- Birmingham, Michigan, Chicago, etc.!
Her hobbies include going to concerts, trying out great restaurants, spending time with friends, going to movies, reading, and she enjoys the occasional trashy reality tv (what girl doesn't?!). She is a big family person and loves her Momma (which I think says A LOT about a person). She is also a volunteer and Board Member with Bethany Christian Services. Her passion adoption, for volunteering and giving back are unbelievable. (Also, fun side note-I must mention she is known for her amazing poof-ed hair ;)  No matter what the occasion, Monica is always so put together!

She is also very involved in her church and above all else, her passion for Christ shines in who she is and all she does.

I can speak most about her as a friend. I mentioned that Monica is one of my very best friends and a reason she is one of my best friends is because of the kind of person she is- she is SO loyal, so thoughtful, and just a joy to be around. I know she would do anything for me and is always honest with me which I think speaks a lot about a person. She is also just as beautiful inside as she is out! She is one of my favorite people.. and Paisley's too!  Aunt Monica does A LOT of spoiling!  I can only imagine the kind of mom she will someday be!  I really don't have enough space or time to go on about this woman's heart- she loves others before herself, is so unselfish and giving and LOVES the Lord and strives to be more of a Christian woman every day.

I picture her with a guys that is fun, outgoing, very driven but above all, has a huge heart and loves the Lord!  And let's be honest, she is beautiful so I think she'll snag a cutie too ;)!  I have high standards for this girl so if you think you are or know of a guy worthy of dating this amazing woman, let me know and LET'S MAKE A MATCH!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

24.5 Weeks!

I have been a TERRIBLE blogger (what's new?) but I really want to get back in the habit of documenting at least some of this pregnancy.  It has been fun to go back and look at posts as I was pregnant with Paisley and compare.  I must say things are VERY different the second time around.  Fatigue seems to come much harder- must be what happens when you are a full time working momma and also chasing around a VERY active 2.5 year old!  I wouldn't trade it for the world though! While being pregnant with Paisley, I would spend many nights lounging on the couch after work and I think by this point in the pregnancy everything as far as her room was well underway!  I feel like I haven't done one thing for this princess yet! I'll start with a few pictures to catch up recently...

24.5 WEEKS!!
Due Date- October 12th (same as Paisley's!)
Size of the baby: About the size of an eggplant (1.7 pounds)

Maternity clothes: Yes! Mainly all. I still wear some of my own tops and dresses but those choices are becoming few...

Gender: It's a GIRL! I still can't believe I will have two girls soon! Schaefer Olivia Hayes

Movement: Don't get me wrong, she does move but I don't think she moves near as much as Paisley did.  Jonathan has rarely even got to feel her move!

Sleep: I'm finally sleeping pretty well again.  I'm very thankful for my maternity pillow that I got for mother's day!
What I miss: A non-aching back!
Cravings: Lately it has been Mexican food!  I have had guacamole 3 times this week already...
Symptoms: Mainly just the back pain and occasional achy joints!
Best moment this week: It is still hearing Paisley talk about all the things she is going to do with her baby sister.  She is so excited- it is beyond adorable!