Thursday, July 14, 2011

26.5 weeks!

26.5 WEEKS!!

Size of the baby: Length of a cucumber (and just over 2 pounds!)

Total weight gain: About 13 pounds

Maternity clothes: Yes! And even though it is hard to find them, they are so comfortable! How will I ever go back to non-stretch waistbands..ha!

Gender: GIRL! Paisley Annette Hayes

Movement: VERY squirmy still!

Sleep: I have been sleeping a lot better- the heartburn has gotten a little better and I've learned to not drink a lot of water past 8pm.

What I miss: Having a greater wardrobe selection!

Cravings: Muffins and salads...random, I know!

Symptoms: Lots of back pain this week and the heartburn and indigestion

Best moment this week: REGISTERING! It was so fun to go register and pick out cute things for our little girl. In fact, Jonathan had a little TOO much fun with the gun.

The proud papa at Babies-R-Us

BUSTED! This is one of many instances where I caught he putting some 'Daddy picks' on the registering. Thank goodness for online editing! I got home to find we had a fast pitch softball, a baseball bat, a Nerf gun, and a children's book called "My Little Blue Truck." I think he is out to make our princess a tomboy!

And lastly, I had to share this ADORABLE dress that came in today that I ordered from Zulily. I LOVED smocked dresses and could not resist this precious one! (Don't worry- I'll be ironing it before next summer!) I also ordered some great, cheap hair bows finally that I can't wait to come in!

Do you Zulily? It's a dangerous site with adorable new stuff everyday! If you aren't already a member, you MUST join- cute stuff for great prices and there are new brands every day.

Here is your invite...

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