Sunday, July 24, 2011

28.5 WEEKS

(Jonathan managed to get the camera cord in both pics...nice!)

28.5 WEEKS!! (I can't seem to get them on the first of the week) And if you're keeping track, no, this doesn't add up because my doctor moved my due date up almost a week based on her measurements and chart...I am now due October 12th!

Size of the baby: Length of a head of califlower & almost 3 pounds!

Total weight gain: About 15 pounds (ah!)

Maternity clothes: Yes! And after being pregnant, I want to become a maternity fashion designer! It's so hard to find cute maternity clothes. I've tried on 15 different dresses trying to find a cute one for upcoming showers!

Gender: GIRL! Paisley Annette Hayes

Movement: We went to Saturday night church last night and she went crazy kicking during every worship song which was so neat to me. I hope it not only means she'll love music but that she has the passion for our Christ like her Daddy and I have been praying for her.

Sleep: I sleep...a little. I've learned I can't sleep through the night though and I can't sleep in anymore but I guess that is just preparing me for motherhood.

What I miss: Being able to lay on my stomach!

Cravings: This week it has been sweets...jellybeans, chocolate, name it!

Symptoms: Lots of back pain this week and the heartburn and indigestion..ugh!

Best moment this week: My doctor's visit this past Wednesday (just not the glucose test...ha!) I loved hearing her heartbeat and hearing that she is still doing great.


  1. You look adorable and still so tiny! I cannot wait to see that cute little bump again in less than 2 weeks! Yay!!!!!

  2. You and I are at right about the same weeks pregnant. I will be 29 weeks tomorrow. Glad your pregnancy is going well. :-)