Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Baby Shower

The adorable front door.

A house divided...we already got some cute Razorback stuff and LSU. I said that's fine but she'll be a born and raised Arkansas girl so we'll always know what she'll wear on the LSU v. Arkansas games!

My fabulous hostesses- I love these girls and could not live without them in my life! Very special friends!

All my guests

A special 'Future EEE' outfit from Aunt Monica :) Love!

Joy :)

My Mamaw, Mom, and Abby- Abby had too much fun!

Just some of the cute little details they did. I LOVED this cute little birdhouse and it looks fabulous in her room now.

The amazing spread...they thought of everything...dips, fruit, cookies, quiche, cake, and even little M&M's in her colors that said 'Paisley'.

The adorable cake brought all the way from Rick's in Fayetteville! The picture does not do it justice and it tasted just as good!

It was a wonderful first shower with lots of friends and pledge sisters. I was overwhelmed by all the goodies we got for Miss Paisley. I was truely showered with blessings and love!

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  1. You are the cutest little pregnant woman!! Looks like such a fun shower! :)