Tuesday, August 2, 2011

30 Weeks

30 weeks

Size of the baby: Head of lettuce & about 3.3 pounds!

Total weight gain: About 17 pounds

Maternity clothes: Yes!! And I'm already sick of them all..ha!

Gender: GIRL! Paisley Annette Hayes

Movement: Still very crazy!

Sleep: Sleep is going ok... I wake up with Charlie Horses on occasion and sleeping on my side gives me side cramps and back aches a lot.

What I miss: Being able to lay on my stomach and able to move around easier.

Cravings: Orange juice and carbs!

Symptoms: Lots of back pain this week and the heartburn and indigestion..ugh!

Best moment this week: Seeing her room come together! I can't wait to show it off but I'm going to resist until it is a little farther along!

Another best moment for me- The random lady who passed me at the grocery store smiling and said, "I just know your baby is going to be beautiful." She made my day :)

We go to the doctor in the morning and I can't wait to get an update and hear her precious little heartbeat!


  1. SOOO cute!! You look great! Can't wait to see you and that cute little bump this weekend!!

  2. Awww, the name is beautiful! My little Paisley Belle turns one today. :-) Congrats on the good pregnancy!