Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 2 as a Family of 3!

As of tomorrow we will have been a family of 3 for 3 weeks now and we can't imagine life any other way. Life as parents is AMAZING and we thank God for our princess every day. She is so fun and already growing so much! She is such a good baby (and thankfully a wonderful sleeper too!). Here are some of my favorite pictures/memories from this past week....

Our little cupcake- I love this picture!
She was so much more alert this week! I loved her looking me in the eyes more and seeing that 'thinking' face a lot more.
The diva in her hog attire. Last Saturday was our first game day and we were decked out in hog gear from head to toe.
Dad gaves us our first bottle and we took it down like a champ- yay!
Gramps, Lolly, and Abby have made several visits. They are kind of crazy about her ;)
Emily & Jeremy (and our soon-to-be BFF Lily) came by to see what is in store for them in a few months!
We got a quick visit from KK & Pops- yay!
Snuggle time with mommy!

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  1. She is so precious and beautiful! Girls are so much fun! I have an 8 month old baby girl and she just amazes me every day, as I'm sure yours will too =) ~Andrea