Thursday, June 23, 2011

23.5 Weeks!

23.5 WEEKS!!

Size of the baby: About the size of an ear of corn (1.5 pounds)

Total weight gain: About 10 pounds (yikes!)

Maternity clothes: Yes! Mainly all. I still wear some of my own tops and dresses but maternity pants are a must!

Gender: It's a GIRL! I still can't believe it when I say that and get excited all over again! Paisley Annette Hayes

Movement: Oh my word...I think we may have a rowdy one on our hands! She was moving so much last night we couldn't stop laughing because it looked like she was going to burst through my stomach at any moment- it was crazy! But her Daddy and I sure love to lay in bed at night and feel her kick- it sure is special.

Sleep: I'm finally sleeping pretty well. I have found my 'happy place'... sleeping on my left side with two pillows under my head and another between my legs.

What I miss: Feeling 'normal'. I have been blessed to have a great pregnancy where I have felt great but lately back pain has been giving me fits and some of my joints have been hurting. I feel like an arthritic old woman..ha! Oh, and I do miss laying out this summer- I am WHITE!

Cravings: This week it has been all about SWEETS! I craved chocolate chip cookies one night and yogurt another night!
Symptoms: Mainly just the back pain and occasional achy joints!

Best moment this week: A great doctor's appointment and getting to hear that beautiful little heartbeat again! Also, getting to celebrate Jonathan's first Father's Day. He got a onsie that said "Daddy's Princess" and Steven Curtis Chapman's book "Cinderella".

In other exciting news....the nursery is going to start getting painted this weekend (thanks to that handsome man pictured above)! I am SO excited to see it come together! We have bedding and furniture order and even some special pieces being built by Paisley's Pops! I can't wait to share the finished product!


  1. Yay you updated! You look cute, and only 10 pounds is good! I feel like I'll be creeping up on that long before 23 weeks!

  2. You seriously look great!!! I love these updates and you will love going back and reading them once she is here! I can hardly wait for Paisley to get here!

    I love the picture of Jonathan! You will LOVE watching the two of them together!

    I heard her bedding will be here soon! I cannot wait to see it! :)

  3. Love this post! You look so cute! I feel like I am as big as you are at only 17 weeks!!

    I am sleeping the exact same way! The left side is the only comfy position and I have a big body pillow that I can not sleep without!

    Keep up these posts so I can see what I have to look forward to! Paisley and Preslee will have to meet for sure!! :)

  4. You look wonderful! and I love the name Paisley Annette! SO happy for you!

  5. I love the name you guys picked out! Super cute! You look great and 10 pounds is nothing! Have you guys started working on a nursery yet? You definitely need to post pics when you do!