Thursday, January 20, 2011

Single (and he needs to mingle!)

Okay, okay...I've been a terrible blogger! But today I MUST! I'm hooking up with Kelly's Korner-Show Us Your Life- Show Us Your Singles! because I have an adorable single brother!

Isn't he the cutest? (Okay, maybe I'm a tad partial...)
So, to tell you about Blaine...well, he is just Blaine! He is 20 and lives in Central Arkansas. He LOVES music and when he feels like it, is an awesome guitar player. He works, enjoys watching movies and playing video games (typical male, right?). If you know me, Blaine and I are quite opposites- he is laid back and fairly shy. Once you get him talking though, he is super nice and can be really sweet. And as much as I hate to throw this out there, I have to because it is part of who he is...He collects 'urban vinyl toys' and is PASSIONATE about them. Moving on...He has his own house which is really nice and most of the time (not all the time- right, mom?) is a clean freak. He LOVES trying new foods and is a big sushi fan.

To explain this picture, it was taken in Disney World last year. He kind of has a thing for Asian girls and well, I made him get a picture with this big group of girls from Japan. (that's just a fun side note).

Anyways, he is just 20- doesn't have to be anything serious but I thought I would play match maker and throw his cute little self out there. He is a great brother and I would LOVE him to find a sweet girl so ladies...don't miss this great catch!


  1. Oh man, I wish I was in Arkansas! I'm 18 but I live in North Carolina! :( haha

  2. Youre such a sweet sister. I hope you find him someone! he's adorable!

  3. I'm dying over the picture of you and Blaine with Abby! Precious!
    You are such a sweet sister!
    And maybe you should keep-up with blogging now that you posted this! :)