Monday, November 8, 2010

Money Saving Madness

I'll admit we've had a good/bad situation lately...
Good news- We feel so blessed to have a beautiful new house that we love! And I promise, once I start seeing more progress and finish up a few rooms, I'll post pictures!

Bad news- Our old house still hasn't sold. It is such a great house but as many of you know, the housing market just hasn't been doing so hott lately.
This has put us in a money crunch lately. We knew the new house we bought wouldn't be around for long though being a foreclosure so after lots of discussing and prayers, we put in a bid and got it! Do I like the situation it has put us in? No. Do I LOVE how God uses hard times to teach you so much? Yes! His provision always amazes me! We really have had to reexamine what is important in our life financially and what we can live without.

The one thing we have had to cut out the most would be this....

Dining out! It is amazing how much you can save by eating at home more! Do I cook a super healthy and delicious home cooked meal every night? No, but we do our best.

So what have been my secret weapons for saving?

One would be here. Kroger now lets you go online to 'click' coupons and print to your home computer AND add digital coupons to your Kroger Plus Card. All you have to do is register your Kroger Plus card and start clicking. The other day I saved nearly $15!! If you're a Kroger shopper, you've got to check this!

Another site I love...
I know this is one of many coupon sites out there but I just love this one. I print my coupons and the savings start happening. If you watch for the items you have coupons to go on sale or combine them with your digital Kroger card coupons, you can get stuff for little to nothing or FREE! I got a Febreeze candle free the other day at Kroger after my paper coupon and digital.
So moral of the story...when life gives you lemons, cut out a coupon for sugar to make some lemonade!

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