Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fellow Moms...Try it! Citrus Lane

I know, I know...I've been a terrible blogger but I am really going to try and get better.  Today I wanted to share a new fun company I tried.  I saw a facebook link one day to try Citrus Lane.  Now let me preface by saying I am not one of those people who usually clicks on facebook links but I notced several of my favorite baby brands so I thought I would see what it was about. 

After googling and checking out their website, I found out Citrus Lane is an online company that through a monthly subscription sends you a box of 'goodies' personalized to your babies age and sex.  The cost is roughly $25 a month but from all the reviews I read, Mom's gushed about getting well over their $25 back in goodies every month.  We recieved our first box last week and I was pleasantly surprised...

(I cannot get this photo to flip)
We recieved a book, some fabulous bath products, a new instrument, and even a lip balm goodie for mommy!  One thing I love about Citrus Lane is they use a lot of organic and eco-friendly products and find a lot of the new 'up and coming' brands to promote.
Anyways, advice to mommy friends...check it out...
Use my link to get a $10 credit!